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    SeeMarket is a polling platform for prediction markets based on wisdom of crowds, world events are registered and people vote on the most likely outcome in a winner-takes-all scenario. Whether you want to know what the world thinks about an event or you want to compare your own opinion against others, SeeMarket is the right place to express your voice and make it count!

    How to vote on SeeMarket

    In order to cast your votes you will need to install Harmony One Wallet extension for Brave, Chrome and Firefox, unfortunately Safari and Edge extensions are not ready yet. So go get the wallet at the Chrome Store and install it in your browser of choice.

    Now you can use SeeMarket at its fullest but you'll quickly learn how easy it is to interact with the DApp since it has been designed to be a one-click voting experience. Just select the event you'd like to participate and click on the option you believe is most likely to happen, then enter as many votes as you'd like to cast and click 'VOTE'. Your Harmony Wallet will pop up asking to confirm a transaction and you should click 'Approve' in order to register your vote. That's it, your votes will be saved on the blockchain and your wallet will confirm your new balance.

    On event's date, an outcome will be recorded on the blcokchain and those who voted for that option will be rewarded in proportion to the votes cast for the losing option. Winners take all, we collect 1% fee for site maintenance and hosting costs.

    Once the winners are registered and events awarded you can select the event and click on 'CASH OUT' to get your winnings delivered to your wallet. In the rare occasion an event is cancelled all votes will be refunded and no fees charged, please click on 'REFUND' to get your money back.

    How to calculate odds

    Odds in SeeMarket are just decimal probabilities multiplied by 100, that way you can easily know how much you will win for every 100 votes cast. If the probability of an event happening is 1.5 then the odds will be 150 so for every 100 votes you get 150 back in winnings.

    Favorites will always have odds closer to 100 so the winnings will be lower. Underdogs will have higher odds and returns will be higher too. An option paying 300 in odds means that for every 100 votes you get 300 back with a 3.0 probability.

    Odds are recalculated on every vote, adding all total votes then dividing by the votes for every option and multiplying the result by 100, that's how we calculate odds in SeeMarket.

    "It may not be immediate that people will start betting on chain but mark my words, blockchain defies restrictions and betting is the most restricted of all industries. No registries, no KYC, no signups, no credit cards required, just one click betting and one second confirmation..."

    Kuyawa Kata