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    Prediction Markets on Harmony Network

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  • Dec 31 at 11pm GMT - Open
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  • * Odds are projected winnings per 100 ONE invested
  • How To

    Select the event you want to participate, select the option most likely to occur according to your instinct, vote with as many ONEs as you want and wait for the day of the event. Your votes will be recorded on the blockchain and winnings distributed proportionally to the total of votes for the winning option


    Users can vote on any event listed for the options presented as possible outcomes. Every option accumulates votes and at the closing date the winning option takes all votes awarded proportionally to the total collected minus fees. Votes cast past the event time will be disqualified. In case of dispute, the issue will be resolved at the sole discretion of the SeeMarket Ethics Entity SEE


    SeeMarket is a predictions market and not a betting platform, we only show events registered on Harmony Network and users are responsible for all their investment decisions. We take no profits from the trading that occurs on the network. We charge 1% fee on every transaction just to cover development and server costs. Trade at your own risk

    Predict and win!